Why Anarchy?

Anarchism is not extremism: it is simply correct.

Mastercoin is a Nightmare of Insanity

No one should ever use Mastercoin under any circumstances or appraise their value as anything above zero.

The Bitcoin Central Bank’s Perfect Monetary Policy

The Bitcoin Central Bank will be the longest lasting institution of its kind thanks to the anti-fragile independent monetary policy it has set in stone.

Dark Wallet with Cody Wilson

Bitcoin is a paradigm-shattering protocol. Government regulation or collusion could neuter it. Dark Wallet is the line in the sand.

The Economics of Bitcoin Mining

Join the Mises Circle to discuss the ins and outs of Bitcoin mining, answering lingering questions about its purpose and how it works and exploring how the market is endlessly changing.

The Economics of the Silk Road

Join the Mises Circle to look at the economics of the Silk Road, its shutdown, and the future of digital, anonymous marketplaces.

BitPay and the Death of Credit Cards

Since 2011, BitPay has been leading the charge to help merchants save money and transact online and in-person more easily, cheaply, and securely by using Bitcoin.