Man, Economy & Sport

Are sports just another government institution?


Bitcoin. As if there are other things to discuss. Check out the latest Bitcoin news at /r/bitcoin. If you cannot make it in person, be sure to join us online via Google+ Hangouts. When: Monday, April 8th at 7pm CDT…

Richard Cobden and the Triumph of Ideas

Richard Cobden was a 19th century British textile manufacturer and British politician famous for his opposition to the British Corn Laws. A notable thinker, as well, Cobden promoted the importance of ideas, peace, and free trade as superior to the…

"No matter what our differences, we're all ponies!"

The conclusion of My Little Pony is inescapable: government is inseparably linked with divisiveness, exploitation, and poverty and permanently opposed to harmony, friendship, and wealth.

Bitcoin and the Regression Theorem

Many Austrians, especially those in the Mises Circle, are very excited about the possibilities of Bitcoin, but does is this excitement corroborated by economic reality?

Deflation and Liberty

Should Austrians fear a deflationary spiral? Guido Hülsmann says quite the contrary.

Higher Education Mania

More Americans are receiving a college education than ever before, but are the costs worth it? Student loan debt has reached astronomical levels, even eclipsing credit card debt. Is this sustainable? Who will pay and how? Has the bubble already…