The Myth of Sweden

Is Sweden an example of how socialism can work? Not really.

Socialism, Economic Calculation and Entrepreneurship

Can rational economic decisions be made in a socialist economy?

A Bitcoin Reader

On Monday, the Mises Circle will be discussing Bitcoin and the Austrian Theory of Money, but what is Bitcoin? Below are some links to websites and articles that can help you better understand the digital currency. Getting Started: We Use…

Bitcoin and the Austrian Theory of Money

Bitcoin is a decentralized and open source digital currency. It has no central bank, the supply of money is limited, and transactions are done directly between users. But is it money? Since the arrival of Bitcoin, Austrians have debated furiously…

Review of Time Will Run Back

George gives his takeaway on Henry Hazlitt’s Time Will Run Back. Be sure to join us in person or at home via Google+ for the Mises Circle’s discussion on Time Will Run Back at our first meeting of the semester!

Time Will Run Back

The Mises Circle is back for a new year! To kick off this semester, the group is discussing Henry Hazlitt’s novel Time Will Run Back. A synopsis from the Mises Institute: It begins in a fully socialist society in which…

Working and Saving are Revolutionary Acts

Government exists because it is, de facto, the equilibrium solution to providing judicial and defense services. This equilibrium is the result of ideology, high transaction costs, and strong asset specificity. To change this equilibrium, should we try to persuade people…