Please, Mr. Postman: Waiting on Monopoly

The government hates competition. And it’s no wonder. If they could not use guns to maintain their power instead of relying on their ability to satisfy consumer demand, entrepreneurs like Spooner would put them out of business in any industry.

Don't shoot him, it just makes him mad!

Meet Gustave. Gustave is the world’s largest Nile crocodile. Over 20 feet long and around 2600 pounds, Gustave is believed to be between 60 and 70 years old, and during that time has developed one of the most impressive resumés…

Looking Ahead with the Mises Circle

The Mises Circle is looking ahead at an incredible year to come, and we invite anyone interested in joining the discussion to contact us to get involved. We can only proceed ever more boldly with the help of an enthusiastic and dedicated Austrian community!

The Mises Circle and Hope for the Future

The Mises Circle has recently finished its second semester at the University of Texas, but efforts have only just begun. Join us (and some special guests!) for an informal discussion on the future of the Mises Circle.

Keynes, the Man

“To sum up Keynes: arrogant, sadistic, power besotted bully, deliberate and systemic liar, intellectually irresponsible, an opponent of principle, [...] and a fascist. Outside of that I guess he was a great guy.” – Murray Rothbard

Hyperinflation, Money Demand, and the Crack-up Boom

Is our economy on the verge of hyperinflation?

Austrian Capital Theory

In a time of rampant Keynesianism and monetarism, perhaps one of the most illuminating contributions of the Austrian school is Austrian capital theory.