The Mises Circle Featured in the Daily Texan

Ludwig reads about the Mises Circle in the Daily Texan

If you happened to pick up the Daily Texan yesterday, you may have seen an article about the Mises Circle!

While the plan is still in its early stages, the Mises Circle hopes to eventually gather enough interest for a course or seminar on Austrian economics through student involvement in their organization.

“Many people are starting to question the Keynesian economic establishment, its economic models and policy prescriptions,” Nino said. “Our goal at UT is to provide UT students [with] a legitimate forum that discusses Austrian economic principles.”

Even more, the article was highlighted by the Mises Institute blog today.

Everyone’s talking about the Mises Circle. Come join us on Monday nights at 7:00PM in Waggener 308 to see what the big deal is!