Great Myths of the Great Depression

Great Myths of the Great DepressionBack in school, you probably heard that either the New Deal or World War II brought our nation out of the Great Depression (or maybe both). You probably heard that it was due to Herbert Hoover’s stubborn laissez-faire policies and his refusal to intervene in the failing economy that brought us into the depression.

You heard wrong.

Join the Mises Circle to discuss Lawrence Reed’s “Great Myths of the Great Depression” where the now president of the Foundation for Economic Education destroys the bogus claims about the Great Depression that never seem to leave public discourse. Learn why Hoover was the opposite of an interventionist, the economic calamities brought on by the New Deal and how war does NOT stimulate the economy but instead cripples it. A little economic insight and historical analysis will allow you to see how just about everything you learned about the Great Depression was, in fact, nothing more than fairy tales.

Short on time? There’s also an abridged version here:

When: Monday, April 16th at 7pm
Where: Waggener 308