Ronald Reagan: An Autopsy

Bedtime for BonzoCritics of the free market often point to Ronald Reagan as an example of why free markets and deregulation are awful for the economy. But was Ronald Reagan really a champion of the free market? Murray Rothbard does not think so.

He argues that Reagan was a big government statist with neocon policies that increased the size of government, not to mention not that great of an actor. So much for a laissez-faire president!

Join the Mises Circle at UT as we deconstruct the myth of Reagan (and maybe Thatcher while we’re at it). We’ll show him for what he was… and we guarantee there was not a free market to be found in his policies.

Rothbard’s article is freely available here:
When: Monday, April 30th at 7pm
Where: Waggener 308