Time Will Run Back

The Mises Circle is back for a new year!

To kick off this semester, the group is discussing Henry Hazlitt’s novel Time Will Run Back.

A synopsis from the Mises Institute:

It begins in a fully socialist society in which the new leader, who finds himself in that position only by accident, begins to rethink the economic basis of the system. He first begins to wonder whether the economy is doing well at all, and how they might discover this. This sets the leadership on a path to thinking about prices and calculation, and the very meaning of productivity.

Trading is introduced when the leadership can’t see anything wrong with the idea of trading rationing tickets, and shortly markets appear, and everyone seems to be better off as a result.

So on it continues. Slowly, piece by piece, he dismantles central planning and replaces it with a market system. All the while, the characters engaged in a Socratic-style discussion about the implications of money, exchange, ownership, markets, entrepreneurship, and more.

Don’t have time to read a whole novel? You’re missing out, but don’t worry. The discussion will be preceded by a presentation by Daniel highlighting the important social and economic lessons of Hazlitt’s classic.

Not in Austin? You’re missing out, but don’t worry. For the first time ever we will be introducing Google+ Hangout technology to allow us to livestream our meeting and make our discussion global. More information to come!

The book is available in PDF and ePub formats here:

When: Monday, January 21st at 7pm CST
Where: Waggener 308

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