Socialist Sweden: Far From Paradise

Joakim Fagerström of Mises Sweden had the following to add for the discussion on the Myth of Sweden:

We have debunked the following two myths many times:

  1. Sweden is a socialist paradise where Socialism works.
  2. Sweden is deregulating and we should follow Sweden as an example.

We can’t let Socialism get a safe-haven not even in Sweden and certainly not under a new disguise were it is called liberalization. Oppression is oppression and Socialism is Socialism so let us start by calling things for what they really are. The new “right-wing” government is as socialist to the core as the old, “left-wing”, one.

The total tax burden has decreased by 3% from 48.9% 2005 to 45.9% 2010. To call this liberalization is a slap in the face of the people who are slaves under a socialistic regime. To watch them brag about how they reformed Sweden is a mockery of true freedom. We don’t want their candy, we want real freedom.

From my point of view you can take everything I own, I won’t like it but I will survive. But what is even worse is when you further restrict my freedom, tighten the grip of our children’s mind with socialism and state education and invade my personal integrity even more.

If you care about freedom, please stop spreading these lies and misconceptions. In Sweden we still have the same old enemy and that is Socialism.

Joakim recently gave a presentation on Sweden from an Austrian economic perspective:

(9. The Myth of the Socialist Paradise Sweden – Joakim Fagerström from LvMI Sverige on Vimeo)

Presentation notes are available in PDF format here.

He has also written several articles on the topic:

Great thanks to both the Joakims over at Mises Sweden for this plethora of information. Be sure to join our Google+ Hangout on Monday from whatever socialist country you happen to reside in!