Richard Cobden and the Triumph of Ideas

Richard Cobden was a 19th century British textile manufacturer and British politician famous for his opposition to the British Corn Laws. A notable thinker, as well, Cobden promoted the importance of ideas, peace, and free trade as superior to the flourishing of society than government intervention, regulation, and military conquest.

Peace, free trade, and nonintervention — these ideas, Cobden believed, were not simply the ideological commitments of one particular party, but rather the necessary ingredients for the progress and flourishing of civilization.

Join the Mises Circle to discuss Tom Woods’s prize-winning essay, “Cobden on Freedom, Peace, and Trade,” and the role of ideas in establishing economic prosperity.

“Cobden on Freedom, Peace, and Trade” by Tom Woods:

“On the Repeal of the Corn Laws” by Richard Cobden:

When: Monday, April 1st at 7pm CDT
Where: Waggener 308

If you cannot make it in person, be sure to join us online via Google+ Hangouts.

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