Man, Economy & Sport

Man, Economy & Sport

Are sports just another government institution?

From antitrust laws in the NFL to intellectual property laws protecting the Longhorn logo, government entangles itself in the affairs of sports in every way it can. And all of these interventions have economic consequences.

Join the Mises Circle to discuss this cross-product of economics and sports with columnist Skip Oliva of Man, Economy & Sport. Oliva covers the whole range of government meddling with the sports market on his blog and in articles featured in Reason, the Ludwig von Mises Institute, and He is also a weekly contributor for Saturday Down South, the leading website on SEC football.

Man, Economy & Sport:

When: Monday, April 15th at 7pm CDT
Where: Waggener 308

If you cannot make it in person, be sure to join us online via Google+ Hangouts.

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