Dark Wallet with Cody Wilson

Dark Wallet with Cody Wilson

UPDATE: Cody’s travel plans got shifted, so he will be unable to join the meeting. We will instead discuss the price surge over the past week.

Bitcoin is a paradigm-shattering protocol rendering the global financial system obsolete. Government regulation or collusion could neuter it through self-censorship. Dark Wallet is the line in the sand.

Dark Wallet is a Bitcoin project by Unsystem led by developer Amir Taaki (libbitcoin, sx, Electrum) and crypto-anarchist Cody Wilson of Defense Distributed and DEFCAD that puts anonymity and censorship-resistance at the core of the Bitcoin experience.

Join the Mises Circle for an in-depth discussion with Cody Wilson about this new project and what it means for Bitcoin and the future of Internet freedom.

When: Monday, November 11th at 7pm CST
Where: Garrison 2.112

Can’t join us in person? Tune in to the Google+ Hangout.

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