BitPay and the Death of Credit Cards

Since 2011, BitPay has been leading the charge to help merchants save money and transact online and in-person more easily, cheaply, and securely by using Bitcoin.

How Bitcoin Works with Daniel Krawisz

Any visitor to the Mises Circle will quickly recognize that we here see Bitcoin as a revolutionary monetary and payment system. However, Bitcoin is even more than that. Bitcoin solves many interesting problems in cryptography in novel ways. Join us…

Bitcoin and the Origin of Money with Special Guest Konrad Graf

Instead of forcing us to abandon the Misesian approach to money, Bitcoin has helped us sharpen our analytical knives and gain a more abstract, praxeological answer to the questions of what money is and how it originates.

First Meeting: The Bitcoin Revolution with Special Guest Jeffrey Tucker

A discussion with the legendary Jeffrey Tucker on what makes Bitcoin truly revolutionary, what we can learn about society from Satoshi Nakamoto, and what potential crypto-currencies offer to a world facing economic disaster

The Problem with Altcoins

In short, the altcoin phenomenon is the product of greed and bounded rationality.

The Mises Circle: A Digital Sign of the Times

The future of The Mises Circle seems clear, to be a progenitor of the next wave of radical, uncompromising Austrians. The bent will be technological rather than historical, and digital rather than physical.

The Original Value of Bitcoins

Once it was known that bitcoin could be sold, even for a pittance, new possibilities opened up.