Keynes, the Man

“To sum up Keynes: arrogant, sadistic, power besotted bully, deliberate and systemic liar, intellectually irresponsible, an opponent of principle, in favor of short term hedonism and nihilistic opponent of bourgeois morality in all of its areas, a hater of thrift and savings, somebody who wanted to liquidate the creditor class, exterminate the creditor class, an imperialist, an anti-Semite, and a fascist. Outside of that I guess he was a great guy.” – Murray Rothbard

We’re going to end the semester by bashing our *favorite* economist *ever*. Luckily Rothbard has done most of the dirty work for us in his classic essay “Keynes, the Man”.


When: Monday, December 3rd at 7pm
Where: Waggener 308

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