Discussion on the Production of Security

Is security a service that can’t be provided by the free market? 19th century French economist Gustave de Molinari argued in “The Production of Security” that security, like any other service can be provided by the market.

Discussion on Bureaucracy

The Mises Circle at UT will be discussing Ludwig von Mises’s classic political book, Bureaucracy.

Discussion on the Austrian Theory of Money

The Mises Circle at UT will discuss Murray Rothbard’s article on the Austrian theory of money and what a free market system of money would look like.

Discussion on the Myth of Natural Monopolies

The Mises Circle at UT will discuss Thomas DiLorenzo’s article on the myth of natural monopolies.

Discussion on Georgism and Natural Monopolies

The Mises Circle at UT will discuss Murray Rothbards’s article critiquing the Georgist position of taxing land at 100%.

The Mises Circle Featured in the Daily Texan

If you happened to pick up the Daily Texan yesterday, you may have seen an article about the Mises Circle! While the plan is still in its early stages, the Mises Circle hopes to eventually gather enough interest for a…

I, Pencil

You may be surprised to learn how complicated the making of a simple pencil really is. Leonard Reed’s classic essay “I, Pencil” illustrated the process of social cooperation in the marketplace.